A deeper exploration of the complicated sublime

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Collective unconscious

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I have seen "Muriel" many times and continue to be awed by its ambiance, its exploration of secrets, and its fantastic soundtrack.

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Reimagining of the legendary hero’s origin story fails to hit the mark. The act of singing is itself one of humanity’s oldest and most powerful traditions, and many cultures’ songs are a gateway into deeper understanding of their ethos. In this section essays explore how artists responded to the sublime in the late eighteenth and early nineteenth centuries, with articles on shipwreck and psychiatry, and case studies on the work of Stubbs, Haydon and Constable.

Anyway, let’s move on to something else. One thing I’ve noted multiple times is how the modern ancient astronaut theory tends to exempt Jesus from being a space alien, unlike all the other gods and heroes of religion and myth.

A deeper exploration of the complicated sublime
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