A report on the child abuse in china

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Reporting child abuse must be made mandatory under the law

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Child abuse

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There really isn't any organization that effectively handle cases of child abuse. You can report to the police and they MIGHT intervene, but it's not going to be very effective for two reasons.

New child abuse case goes viral on Chinese social media

Objective: This study aimed to describe the extent and pattern of parental child battering in Chinese families in Hong Kong. It was hypothesized that the unique feature of filial piety in Chinese culture will create a different pattern of child abuse in Hong Kong when compared to Western societies.

China’s childcare system has recently come under scrutiny after young children between ages one and five at different childcare centers were discovered to have been victims of abuse and cruelty. According to the "China Children Sex Abuse Investigation Report" released by Girls Protection, a non-profit organization formed by mainland women journalists to raise awareness of the issue.

Nationally over 7 million U.S. children come to the attention of Child Protective Services each year according to a Children’s Bureau report. Four children die every day in the U.S. because of abuse.

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A series of disturbing revelations in China's state media about the sexual abuse of school children has exposed the dark side of life in rural areas where parents leave their homes to earn money.

A report on the child abuse in china
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