An analysis of the class communication in multicultural america

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The Benefits of a Multicultural America

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Humanities/Social Science/Multicultural Electives Suggested Core Classes HUMANITIES COURSE TITLE COMM Mass Communication & Society COMM Interpersonal Communication SPAN ** Culture of Latin America SPAN Culture of Spain. According to the article, Class Communication in Multicultural America, the increase of racial diversity as well as the rise of new technologies, influenced the media.


These no longer target their message to a broad mass, as it was the case since the s, but tend to rather tailor it for specific. Although the APA Guidelines are written with a focus on race and ethnicity, the multicultural competencies are supposed to be construed as an important consideration for various cultural groups (e.g., gender and social class).

Works of art are powerful channels of communication about American identities: our concern with who we are and how we feel about ourselves and the apply the techniques of formal analysis to works of literary and visual art; Multicultural America Read: Hughes: “Let America Be America Again” (R).

promote intercultural communication both implicitly and explicitly. In concluding, the study suggests that this school could be a model for promoting intercultural. The analysis revealed that most of the courses were designed to prepare teachers with pragmatic skills and personal awareness, but not to prepare them in accordance with the key principles of multicultural education, such as critical consciousness and a commitment to educational equity.

An analysis of the class communication in multicultural america
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