An analysis of the impact of social media in the hurricane katrina disaster

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How Social Media Would Have Changed Hurricane Katrina Coverage

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Puerto Rican queen use on MySpace. Sep 20,  · Hurricane Katrina hit New Orleans inforever changing the lives of the children who survived. Their stories can help Puerto Rico identify and aid.

Analysis of Media Agenda Setting During and After Hurricane Katrina: Implications for Emergency Preparedness, Disaster Response, and Disaster Policy It is apparent from the Hurricane Katrina disaster that response systems did not or could not underscore the valuable contributions of news media to social issues surrounding disaster.

Aug 28,  · Social media, however, could have helped people on the ground logistically by allowing them to share information among each other, and even sped up the government's response time.

Hurricane Katrina: GIS Spatial Analysis of Flood Impacts in Mississippi; Residential Substantially Damaged Buildings in Relation to the Katrina Surge Inundation and Advisory Base Flood Elevations The map displays inspected structures within the Hurricane.

How Social Media Is Changing Disaster Response When Hurricane Katrina ravaged the U.S. Gulf Coast inFacebook was the new kid on the block. a senior research scientist at the.

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Analyses of Social Issues and Public Policy, Vol. 6, No. 1,pp.

How Social Media Is Changing Disaster Response

Race and Media Coverage of Hurricane Katrina: Analysis, Implications, and Future Research Questions thy would not have been required in order for race to impact media coverage, and.

An analysis of the impact of social media in the hurricane katrina disaster
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