An era of naval disarmament the

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Historical Eras

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Military history of the United States

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Washington Naval Treaty

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Naval History and Heritage Command

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World War II

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Eisenhower Presidential Library, Museum & Boyhood Home SE 4th Street Abilene, KS or RING IKE. [email protected] Attempts at Reconciliation and Disarmament () Summary Though the League of Nations failed to pass any broad measures to achieve a lasting peace, the former Allies and Germany were reconciled on December 1, with the signing of the Locarno Pacts.

The Washington Naval Conference, also called the Washington Arms Conference or the Washington Disarmament Conference, was a military conference called by U.S. President Warren G. Harding and held in Washington, D.C., from 12 November to 6 February The Washington Naval Treaty, also known as the Five-Power Treaty, the Four-Power Treaty, and the Nine-Power Treaty, was a treaty signed during among the major nations that had won World War I, which agreed to prevent an arms race by limiting naval construction.

It was negotiated at the Washington Naval Conference, held in. Oct 26,  · The first attempt at disarmament followed the First World War, which shocked Europe and persuaded many that a second such war might mean the end of .

An era of naval disarmament the
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