An experiment to determine the equilibrium of a complex ion using a spectrophotometer

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Determining an Equilibrium Constant Using Spectrophotometry

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Experiment Spectrophotometric Study Fe 3+ and SCN-ions react with each other to form an orange-red colored product. This is a reaction which reaches an equilibrium: (Parts IIF, G, and G), we are going to calculate values for the equilibrium constant based on Solution #3, using each of the possible stoichiometries and each of the.

Mass spectrometry

Experiment 1 Chemical Equilibria and Le Châtelier’s Principle and the complex ion FeNCS+2 is formed (equation 1). The solution this reaction at equilibrium to see if/how those reagents shift the equilibrium position of the reaction using the color of the resulting solution.

experiment, spectrophotometric methods will be used to determine the concentration of the iron (III) cyanato complex, [FeSCN2+]. This however is difficult because the thiocyanate ion, SCN- can react with the ferric ion, Fe3+, in acidic solutions to form a series of thiocyanato- complexes: Fe(SCN)2+, Fe(SCN) 2 +, Fe(SCN) 3, and Fe(SCN).


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Finch (Ed.), Chemistry and Technology of Water-Soluble Polymers, Plenum, New York (). Using a spectrophotometer, the absorbance of FeSCN 2+ is measured at different concentrations.

The absorbance in then put into Beer-Lambert’s law, A = εbc, to find concentration and ultimately the equilibrium constant. The Spectrophotometric Determination of an Equilibrium Constant.

Abstract: The report presents determination of equilibrium constant for the formation of a complex ion .

An experiment to determine the equilibrium of a complex ion using a spectrophotometer
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