An introduction to the theme of self deception

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How is self-deception a theme in Twelfth Night?

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Self- deception is a process of denying logical arguments and clear evidence. Here the themes of changing times and inability to accept change are explored. Madame Ranevsky wants to seek refuge in her childhood past from the despair of her present life, to remember the past and forget the present by refusing to face the reality.

Such self-deception is fundamentally related to Freud's broad conception of the unconscious--the unknown Your brief introduction has me wondering about how this capacity for delusion is.

The ThemeTracker below shows where, and to what degree, the theme of Memory, Manipulation, and Self-Deception appears in each Part of The Sense of an Ending. Click or tap on any chapter to read its Summary & Analysis. Self-Deception and Self-Knowledge: A number of theorists have argued that deflationary approaches fail to capture the distinctive failure of self-knowledge involved in cases of self-deception (Holton, ; Scott-Kakures ; Funkhouser ; Fernández ).

Popular Self Deception Books

Holton () argues that Mele’s conditions for being self-deceived are not sufficient, because they do not require self-deceivers to hold false beliefs. A crucial moment in the play in regards to the theme of self-deception is when Malvolio connects the person in "Olivia's" letter (which was really written by Maria) to himself.


The theme of self-deception has been explored fully in the family of Willy Loman. This is especially evident in the beliefs of Willy Loman, who is ever hopeful and never acts on his wishes. In fact, in the whole story, Willy cannot distinguish reality from illusion.

An introduction to the theme of self deception
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