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Ifrs: Not Disarster But Imbarrassment

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This taxonomy has been leveraged as the basis for other XBRL reporting taxonomies. The standard Internet page or a printed document – XBRL provides an identifying tag for each individual item of data.

The introduction of. Join now to read essay Ifrs - Not Disarster but Imbarrassment IFRS: not disaster but embarrassment Moving from adoption to harmonization of Australian Accounting Standards with International Financial Reporting Standards, Australian companies have suffered embarrassment and bemusement in the process of understanding and implementing the new standards.

IFRS adoption affects many areas of financial reporting. The immediate and ongoing implications are not uniform across companies, but depend on such factors as the nature of business activities, balance sheets and capital structures.

Ifrs - Not Disarster but Imbarrassment

Business Phone, Internet, TV & Network Services Technology and network solutions designed for organizations with less than employees. Enterprise Technology & Wireless Solutions Solutions and services for organizations with or more employees. The inconsistency of IFRS and A-IFRS is even tricky as saying "the devil is in the detail".

The details of a demonstration can be seen in the contrast lists on the page, which were found and copied down on the internet. IFRS adoption affects many areas of financial reporting.

Business reporting on the internet-ifrs
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