Comparing structures of the heart

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Know the Structures and Functions about Your Heart

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Basic anatomy and function of the heart

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Anatomy of the pig heart: comparisons with normal human cardiac structure

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Comparative anatomy is the study of similarities and differences in the anatomy of different species. An interesting observation made by some of these physicians was the presence of homologous structures in a wide variety of animals which included humans.

A&P Practical 2 Chapter STUDY.

How does a frog's heart differ from a human's heart?

PLAY. Compare and contrast the structure of the mitral and tricuspid valves.-Both have thin flaps secured to papillary muscles by chordae tendineae. Anatomy of the Heart 30 updated. 56 terms. Exercise 30 HA&P. 96 terms. EXERCISE 30 anatomy of the heart. Structure of the Heart The human heart is a four-chambered muscular organ, shaped and sized roughly like a man's closed fist with two-thirds of the mass to the left of midline.

The heart is enclosed in a pericardial sac that is lined with the parietal layers of a serous membrane. Position and Shape of the Heart. The heart is located in the thoracic cavity in between the lungs, 60% of it lying to the left of the median plane. The heart’s lateral projection extends from rib 3 to 6.

Most of the heart’s surface is covered by the lungs and in juveniles it is bordered cranially by the thymus. The heart can be divided into two function hearts namely a right heart (blood to pulmonary circulation) and a left heart (blood to systemic circulation) each containing a atrium and a ventricle.

Comparative anatomy

There are also several anatomical differences. Frog's heart has two accessory chambers, Sinus Venosus for receiving blood from body and Conus Arteriosus for sending the blood out from heart.

Human heart does not possess such chambers.

How to Compare the Anatomy of a Beef Heart & a Human Heart

Blood from body enters directly in right auricle and blood is pumped out by two ventricles.

Comparing structures of the heart
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