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Ancient Macedonian army

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Alexander the Great

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Nov 28,  · Alexander the Great: The Persian Campaign (Lecture 4) while also describing the army of Alexander touching on the numbers and types of units used. Alexander the Great: Alexander's.

Philip II,father of Alexander the Great, was more responsible than Alexander himself for the glory of the Macedonian II unified Greece under the rule of Macedonia.

The city states which used to fight with each others came under the rule of one single king and Macedon started its day of glory.

The Army of Alexander the Great. Article. However, all three of these men must pay homage to a single individual and his army. Alexander the Great conquered most of the known world of his time. From his father King Philip of Macedonia he inherited a versatile, well-trained army unlike anything that had ever existed.

Oct 28,  · Keep in mind he inherited his army, used no strategy in combat, was mentally unstable and came up with the retarded name for the city of Alexandria. Along side that, Alexander's uncle and General recorded of Alexander's Resolved. Positives: A great book of knowledge of Alexander’s history, beautifully written, describing each and every phase of his life in minutest of detail.

The reader would not like to. Nov 28,  · Alexander the Great: The Persian Campaign (Lecture 4) while also describing the army of Alexander touching on the numbers and types of units used. Alexander the Great: Alexander's.

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Alexander the Great