Equality means business report

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Educational equity

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Failure to enforce law means older workers face discrimination – report

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Endorse the Women's Empowerment Principles

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Equality Means Business is a project of Equality Florida & the Equality Florida Institute. We are the largest civil rights organization in Florida dedicated to ending discrimination based on sexual orientation and gender identity. The Disability Equality Index (DEI) is a unique, joint initiative of Disability:IN and the American Association of People with Disabilities (AAPD).

It serves as the nation’s most trusted annual benchmarking tool allowing America’s leading corporations to self-report. Explore the first Global Trends Report taken from aggregate data from the WEPs Tool to see how businesses are advancing gender equality around the world.

The evidence is clear: gender equality is critical to business performance and. Social Impact. We are committed to respecting human rights, diversity, gender equality, health and safety at work, and to giving back to the communities where we run our businesses.

At Salesforce, our culture is built around the Hawaiian concept of Ohana, which means family. Ohana is the deep-seated support system we nurture inside our company that extends from our employees to our customers, our partners, and our communities.

Equality means business report
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