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BBC Persian Television (Persian: تلویزیون فارسی بی‌بی‌سی ‎) is the BBC's Persian language news channel that was launched on 14 January The service is broadcast by satellite and is also available online. It is aimed at the million Persian-speaking population in Iran, Afghanistan, Tajikistan, and Uzbekistan.

Meet Philip, reporter for Middle East Business Report. Reporter Philip joined the BBC inwhere he became a staple face of the World Business Report. Previously, he wrote for the Economist and reported for Bloomberg, both on its wire service and TV channel. Get the latest BBC News from the Middle East: breaking news, features, analysis and debate plus audio and video coverage from across the Middle East.

Middle East

The council leader in the Iranian city of Shiraz has ordered an investigation after Israeli soldiers featured on a billboard marking the Iran-Iraq war.

The billboard used a photoshopped picture. Mar 28,  · Getting behind the issues of trade, business and economics, Middle East Business Report provides a window on finance and commerce in the.

BBC Persian Television

Report: Lebanon expels BBC journalist for reporting from Israel the Middle East and the Jewish World. who has been based in Beirut as a correspondent for the BBC's Persian Service for

Middle east business report bbc persian
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