Modern businesses should have a moral and ethical responsibility on the future of humankind

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Business Ethics and Social Responsibility

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Corporate Responsibility and Ethics

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Corporate Responsibility and Ethics

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As a distant cousin of moral philosophy, business ethics should have an implicit relationship to a concern with the future. However, given the short-term nature of corporate perspectives, and the underdeveloped ethical behaviour of most corporations, this cannot be taken as a given.

Discussions of corporate moral agency and moral responsibility have largely faded from the business ethics literature (as of ). But they continue to receive attention in the mainstream philosophical literature, where they are treated with a high degree of sophistication.

In the general moral crisis, business ethics issues have become omnipresent. Business aims place the ethical profile of the company and the values an organization should not possess in order to reach its goals at the opposite sides, and the mentioned contradiction is often hidden.

Corporate social responsibility (CSR) has gained more interest in the past decade, however it is not a new idea; it dates back to the s, said Eric Orts of the University of Pennsylvania.

Today’s businesses face multiple challenges in terms of corporate responsibility. Businesses have to keep up with the new initiatives on a wide range. The idea that the wealthier members of society or profitable businesses should contribute to those less fortunate or to organizations that provide community services.

Corporate Power The strength or capability of corporations to influence government, the economy, and .

Modern businesses should have a moral and ethical responsibility on the future of humankind
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Corporate Responsibility and Ethics