The changes in national government in america in 1787

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A Look Into the Constitutional Understanding of Slavery

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How Shays’ Rebellion Changed America

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United States Constitution

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The Constitution acted like a colossal merger, uniting a group of states with different interests, laws, and cultures.


Under America’s first national government, the Articles of Confederation, the states acted together only for specific purposes. The Rotunda for the Charters of Freedom.

1787 in the United States

Located on the upper level of the National Archives museum, is the permanent home of the original Declaration of Independence, Constitution of the United States, and Bill of Rights. Designed by architect John Russell Pope as a shrine to American democracy, the ornate Rotunda with its soaring domed.

A central government usually is the supreme governing body of a unitary state or another kind of sovereign equivalent in a federation is the federal government, which may have distinct powers at various levels authorized or delegated to it by its federated states, though the adjective 'central' is sometimes also used to describe it.

Constitutional Convention and Ratification, – The Constitutional Convention in Philadelphia met between May and September of to address the problems of the weak central government that existed under the Articles of Confederation. The United States Constitution that emerged from the convention established a federal government with more specific powers, including those related to.

the passing of authority from the national government to the state and local levels The federal government's power to tax, regulate commerce among the states, and to declare was are all examples of ________ powers.

The changes in national government in america in 1787
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