The features of encephalitis and its treatment

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Meningitis and Encephalitis Fact Sheet

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Rasmussen’s encephalitis: clinical features, pathobiology, and treatment advances

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Autoimmune Encephalitis: Pathophysiology and Imaging Review of an Overlooked Diagnosis

Diagnosis Stick of encephalitis can be selective. Encephalitis is a rare condition. It occurs more often in the first year of life and decreases with age. The very young and older adults are more likely to have a severe case.

Encephalitis is inflammation of the brain. Severity is variable. Symptoms may include headache, fever, confusion, a stiff neck, and vomiting.

Complications may include seizures, hallucinations, trouble speaking, memory problems, and problems with hearing. Causes of encephalitis include viruses such as herpes simplex virus, rabies, bacteria, fungus, or parasites. May 01,  · Background.

We describe the spectrum of etiologies associated with temporal lobe (TL) encephalitis and identify clinical and radiologic features that distinguish herpes simplex encephalitis (HSE) from its mimics. Treatment will depend largely on your age and condition, as well as the form and cause of the disease.

If encephalitis is caused by a bacterial infection, it can be treated with antibiotics. Jul 06,  · People who are suspected of having meningitis or encephalitis should receive immediate, aggressive medical treatment. Both diseases can progress quickly and have the potential to cause severe, irreversible neurological damage.

Because herpes simplex encephalitis (HSE) is the most common cause of sporadic acute viral encephalitis, it is now a common practice to start treatment with aciclovir once a diagnosis of infective encephalitis is clinically suspected even if the aetiology of the infective agent is unknown.

The features of encephalitis and its treatment
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