The history of the church

Church History

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History of the Church

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May — Imprecise Volume 6: Once you have found the reader term, click on it, and then use on the formal on the right side of the window to view the card. Print History of the Orthodox Church Rev. Fr. Thomas Fitzgerald The Church has her origin with Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit, not with a human teacher, or group, nor a.

Roman Catholicism

In tracing the history of the Church from the time of Christ to the Great Persecution at the beginning of the fourth century and ending with the conversion of the Emperor Constantine, he tried to show the purity and continuity of the doctrinal traditions of Christianity in its struggle against persecutors and heretics, and supported his account.

* Schaff, Philip, History of the Christian Church.

History of the Church

This material has been carefully compared, corrected¸ and emended (according to the edition of Charles Scribner's Sons) by The Electronic Bible Society, Dallas, TX, Aug 07,  · Roman Catholicism, Christian church that has been the decisive spiritual force in the history of Western civilization.

Along with Eastern Orthodoxy and Protestantism, it is one of the three major branches of Christianity. The number of Roman Catholics in the world (nearly billion) is greater. A Brief History of the Church of Christ The Original Church The Church of Christ traces its history back to the original organization that was established by Jesus Christ in the first century AD.

That original Church had Jesus Christ as its head and twelve Apostles that had the oversight of the Church organization on the earth. Church history is vital to our understanding of the institution of the Christian church.

Much is to be gleaned from the events between the time of the apostles and the present. In 1 Corinthiansthe apostle Paul exhorts the Corinthian church to learn from the examples of Israel's past, lest they make the same mistakes.

The history of the church
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Church History from a Biblical Perspective