The impact of natural disasters on the tourism industry

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How do natural disasters affect the economy?

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There is an immediate spike in the female as demand surges following the year and then normalizes roughly a year how as economic activity returns to the key business cycle. Analysing the Impact of the Natural Disasters on the Central Queensland Tourism Industry 3 TEAM Journal of Hospitality and Tourism, Vol.

9, Issue 1, December EFFECTS OF NATURAL DISASTERS ON TOURISM The occurrence of natural disaster refuses the increasing of benefits on tourism, societies and people in the disaster-prone areas. Therefore, in the following points, I will be explaining how natural disasters leave impacts on tourism, tourists and the people who live in those disastrous areas.

Impact of Natural Disasters on the Tourism Industry. Tourism has always been regarded as the impetus that brings in new business opportunities and economic development for a region. As an industry, there are several factors that have an impact on tourism both positively and negatively.

One such aspect is the natural disasters and climate changes that occur in a place unexpectedly. Natural disasters can massively affect tourism, for reasons such as; they can decline the number of tourist visiting an area, there is a decrease in money being spent in an area due to lack of visitors, also for the obvious reason that they can destroy natural environments and things that the industry relies on, they can also have a huge effect.

THM Introduction to Tourism and Hospitality Management The Impacts of Natural Disasters and on the Tourism and Hospitality Industry tourists if they are going on a guided tour somewhere that is susceptible for disaster to likely strike.

Mar 11,  · Natural disasters such as earthquakes, floods, typhoons, and hurricanes inflict serious damage and so seem to be bad for the economy. For firms, natural disasters destroy tangible assets such as buildings and equipment – as well as human capital .

The impact of natural disasters on the tourism industry
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